The mission of Communities In Schools is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Communities In Schools of NOVA works to keep students in school so that they can learn, grow and prepare for college, career and life. In order to accomplish this, Communities In Schools of NOVA believes every child needs and deserves these “Five Basics.”

One-on-One Caring Relationship With an Adult

Many children do not have strong relationships with caring adults. We recruit and train volunteers to be mentors and tutors to young people in need and at risk. These volunteers become someone the children can trust, depend on and look up to.

Safe Place to Learn and Grow

Our programs give kids an alternative to risky environments and activities. They also help students catch up with their classmates and maintain confidence and skills.

Healthy Start and a Healthy Future

Students can’t learn if they have a throbbing toothache, can’t see the blackboard or are hungry. Our site coordinators connect young people with a host of services, which might include health and dental care, eyeglasses and even weekly groceries if needed.

Marketable Skill to Use Upon Graduation

Our high school programs focus on helping at-risk students master basic analytical and social skills while developing attitudes and ethics necessary for success in the workplace.

Chance to Give Back to Peers and Community

Little makes a young person feel more valued by their communities than when given the chance to give back. Through community service, young people not only obtain valuable leadership skills, but also understand the give/get interconnection between themselves and the greater community.

Communities In Schools of NOVA Results

We provide opportunities for the community to empower our students. Our proven model of coordinated school-based youth and family services has demonstrated that, when their needs are met, all children can learn. CIS of NOVA saw much growth and success during the 2022-2023 school year, and our data shows that with continued support from the Northern Virginia community, all of our students can change the picture of education and share in and contribute to our region’s success.