Last month, seniors across the country partook in the celebration of their high school accomplishments through their graduation ceremony. Arlington Community HS graduates were no different as they celebrated– what was for many—an arduous and hard-earned road to the finish line.

Royal blue caps and gowns, swaying tassels and the constant glimmer of camera flashes capture only a small glimpse into the world of graduation for our students. Walking across that stage set a precedent, as many students were the very first in their families to receive a High School diploma.

The gratitude expressed by graduates to CIS NOVA and the ACHS counseling team was overwhelming. One student, wrote the following in a card: “Thank you for giving me a second chance. It’s because of you guys I get to walk across that stage.”

These words remind me of the invaluable work and mission of CIS. Through authentic relationships, thoughtful programming and unwavering support we are more often than not, that “second chance” for students.