One of the things that makes Arlington unique is just how resource-rich it is. There are different organizations active in the county that cover needs from food and clothing to job placement and legal aid. Despite the abundance of assistance, those in need very rarely hear about all the support available to them.

To bridge this gap Communities in Schools held its first annual Resource Fair at Wakefield High School! CIS invited more than 200 families from the area to attend the fair along with 15 service providers to spread information about their different programs. Many of the organizations present (including the Arlington Food Assistance Center, The Clothesline for Kids, and La Cocina) connected with families that had never heard of their services.

The Gonzalo family, for example, had already been signed up to receive grocery assistance from one organization, but found they were eligible for child-care support from another, and found they were also eligible for reduced transportation rates from buses! They mentioned that many of the resources available were so useful that they would tell other families about them as well!

Communities in Schools serves as a bridge between our students and families, the schools they attend, and the resources in the community. We are dedicated to removing barriers for vulnerable students, and bringing community resources into schools to empower those same students and their families.