When most adults reflect back on their middle school days, they’re plagued with the memory of an awkward adolescence! A typical middle school student will grapple with increasing responsibilities, challenging coursework, sustaining friendships, exploring their own individuality and dreams for the future.

The challenges of adolescence are the same at Glasgow Middle School, but with over 1900 students it’s even harder to find yourself and your tribe. Girls particularly find it difficult to navigate relationships with their peers, especially when facing a conflict. They wanted an outlet to connect with each other and express themselves. That’s how Awesome Blossoms came about!

Through journaling and group discussions the Blossoms learned about building self-confidence and self-concept during the second quarter. But, the best part of it all was seeing the growing cohesion among the group. Some students struggled to list positive traits about themselves, and it was their fellow Blossoms saying “You’re smart!” or “You’re a loyal friend”… Girls from all grades, various academic levels, cultural backgrounds, etc. are coming together to support and empower one another. Each group session is a reminder that each girl is blossoming into an awesome young woman.