On March 12th, CIS of NOVA intern Pauline Jo attended the Arlington ALL IN Conference 2016 at George Mason University.  In this conference, education professionals from all across Arlington had a chance to learn more about teen mental well-being and healthy relationships, as well as network with other mental health organizations and professionals in the area.
At the first workshop, Ending the Silence-Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention, participants were able to learn more about the statistics of Americans who are diagnosed with a mental health condition or have mental health related issues, the impact of the stigma of mental health illness and issues, coping strategies, warning signs of suicide and national resources for those in need.

At the second workshop, Protecting Teens from Dating Violence, participants learned more about healthy relationships, the emotional aftermath from unhealthy relationships, what consent and sexual assault are, what one-on-one dates are versus dating within a group, as well as additional resources.

Arlington ALL IN is an excellent example of how collaboration between schools and community organizations can give students a safe place to learn and grow, and a healthy start and healthy future – two essential foundations for students to stay in school and achieve in life.   The lessons shared and learned during the conference will be beneficial to CIS of NOVA students at Wakefield High School during the spring semester.