As a proud member of Communities In Schools of NOVA for the past five years I’ve watched our researched backed model of Integrated Students Supports improve outcomes for schools, students, and families.  What does this mean, and why is Communities In Schools one of the leading educational nonprofits in the country? Well…

  • CIS does not use a one-size fits all approach in our work.  We conduct annual needs assessments of our COMMUNITIES to identify resources and opportunities to support our schools and students
  • CIS places full-time staff members (Site Coordinators) to work with students directly IN SCHOOLS!  We are a unique youth-serving organization in that we can address students’ needs immediately throughout the school day.
  • If CIS is at your school, we are bringing our friends!  From volunteers to partner organizations, CIS engages local COMMUNITIES to meet the needs of schools and students and support our mission of surrounding students with a community of support.
  • CIS provides programs and supports at a school-wide, group and individualized level IN SCHOOLS to ensure that all students are empowered to stay in school and achieve in life.

To learn more, please visit the Communities In Schools of NOVA website to see the impact CIS is having in the Northern Virginia community!