We hear it often because the research is clear: parental involvement correlates to higher student achievement and school improvement. For the past six weeks, I had the honor to work alongside Career Center staff, as we actively engaged Latino parents in the education of their child through FACE’s program “Participa…en Mi Educación” or “Participate in My Education.”

Participa” equips parents with the tools necessary to not only navigate the U.S educational system, but to effectively participate in and navigate that system with more ease and confidence. While “Participa” has been utilized throughout Arlington Public Schools for many years, this year was different. With the help of CIS NOVA, the program was implemented for the very first time at the High School level and was a huge success!

Eighteen parents participated in the six-week program, which culminated in a graduation ceremony last week to recognize their hard work and dedication to their child’s learning. As the school year continues, Site Coordinators at CIS NOVA will continue to provide opportunities to engage parents in their child’s learning because we know that parental involvement in a key pillar to a child’s academic achievement.  

Photo depicts parents working in teams to create “El Camino Educativo” or the “Educational Path” here in the United States from Pre-K to Graduate School.