VSP Global Van77 Arlington Mill High School and Arlington Career Center students were able to receive a free vision exam during the second week of classes from a partnership between Communities In Schools of NOVA, VSP Global, and the Northern Virginia Optometric Society. Of these 77 students, 60 were identified to need prescription eyeglasses, and were provided a free pair.

Held on September 14-16, day and evening students from both schools were given the opportunity to have their eyes examined by volunteer optometrists from the Northern Virginia Optometric Society and were even prescribed free eyeglasses by VSP Global.

The Communities In Schools of NOVA Site Coordinator spoke with teachers who were concerned when some of their students would struggle reading lesson plans on their classroom boards and expressed that they would suffer from headaches of stressing their eyes.

By eliminating this barrier to their education, this group of Arlington Mill and Career Center students are able to continue learning in the classroom and prevented a challenge that would have hindered their learning for the rest of the school year.