Complimenting an incredible new building, the senior class took the initiative to introduce several new traditions at Wakefield High School last week for the Homecoming Spirit Week.  Each day leading up to the Homecoming dance on Saturday, Wakefield students dressed up in pajamas, neon colors, their favorite teams sports jerseys and in Wakefield colors to celebrate the beginning of a new year and the spirit that makes Wakefield with Pep Rally on Friday!

One of these new traditions pitted each class against one another in a “Class War”, which award points based on the number of students in each class participating the spirit days, the results of the Powderpuff football game and other various activities throughout the week.  Student government delegates spoke very highly of the success of this new tradition, indicating that it increased participation in the spirit days significantly and made Homecoming week a success.  Additionally, over 700 tickets were sold for the Homecoming dance Saturday night at Wakefield, a number that blew chaperones away compared to years past.

With the new building, new traditions and increased school spirit, it is clear that Wakefield has a bright year ahead!


Students at the Pep Rally