People throughout our country aphotore scrambling for answers when it comes to what it will take to ensure our students are successful.

We are losing youth every day around the country who do not believe that education is a viable option. These youth leave schools for various reasons. Some are just not responding to the traditional structure of school–needing to move faster or needing more innovative means of instruction to keep them engaged. Others have serious family responsibilities that they must tend to that make attending school in a traditional sense difficult and seemingly impossible. There are other cases of individuals who have been out of school for years, not having had obtained their high school diploma, hoping to go back to school, but not knowing where to start. The individual stories of these individuals vary even more, and schools like Arlington Mill High School serve as a source of hope for them all.

According to the school website, “Arlington Mill High School is a new accredited high school with a full diploma awarding program through both day and evening classes.” The school provides its students with opportunities to take classes either at day or at night, allowing students to complete school according to the flexibility of their day or night schedules. Additionally, students can complete a year-long course within one semester allowing students to complete two years of coursework within one year.

Both day and evening students at Arlington Mill High School also are able to take advantage of career and technical classes offered at the Arlington Career Center. This allows students to not only take advantage of innovative, hands-on learning, but also provides the opportunity for students to gain skills that will benefit students personally, professionally and financially in life.

In a country where we are losing students every day, innovative schools like Arlington Mill High School, taking a nontraditional approach, provide our students with the hope, flexibility and support they need  to achieve greatness. They provide our students with the options they inherently deserve and are invaluable in relation to the hope and possibilities they provide for the families and communities they serve.

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