One of the priorities of Communities in Schools of Northern Virginia is to work to ensure that the students it serves have the basic needs required for them to flourish in school and beyond. One of those needs centers around making sure each and every student has the opportunity to have healthy meals. Thus, with the help of Communities in Schools of Northern Virginia, the Career Center has partnered with Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) to make its building a distribution site for healthy food options.

AFAC has distributed over 2.5 million pounds of food last year to Arlington families, and through our partnership, we hope to increase the amount of families who have access to healthy, balanced meals. The organization works through a choice model where families get to choose which food choices they take home. The variety of foods is encompassing. AFAC offers bread, produce, canned goods, meats, milk, eggs and cereal. We’re grateful that we’re one step close to making sure our students have a healthy start and healthy future ahead.