Click here to read a report from Child Trends, a national research nonprofit that affirms the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of integrated student supports (ISS) programs like Communities In Schools in improving education outcomes. These programs target both academic and non-academic barriers to achievement by identifying individual student needs and mobilizing community resources to meet them. Communities In Schools is the largest provider of ISS in the country, with a data-driven model that continues to prove effective in reducing dropout rates across the country. Key findings from Child Trends’ report, Integrated Student Supports include:
  • ISS programs increase math achievement and student attendance and lower dropout rates.
  • Student-focused programs that address both academic and non-academic needs are more likely  to be successful than ones that focus on single factors in isolation.
  • ISS programs are cost-effective and yield a positive return on investment.
  • High-quality implementation is key to the effectiveness of these programs.