Arlington Public Schools (APS) is proposing several cuts in order to add on new programs or initiatives. This proposal is in an effort to balance the FY 2015 APS budget. One of the proposed ideas to balance the budget is to no longer offer a high school diploma for adults above the age of 22 in Arlington Public Schools and also move the Langston High School Continuation Program to The Arlington Career Center to merge with Arlington Mill High School (AMHS). The majority of students currently at AMHS are over the age of 22, and due to the huge impact this would make on the AMHS population, over 50 students came together at a special meeting about the budget at The Arlington Career Center to voice their concerns over the proposed cuts to their educational opportunities and prospects for personal, academic and professional development. Please feel free to voice your concerns about the proposed budget cuts to Arlington officials and/or complete the online feedback tools at Let your voice be heard!