Student group meetings focused on the 40 Development Assets have begun at Wakefield High School! October and November were focused on introductions, establishing group expectations, exposure to school clubs and time management skills. The students, mentors, Ms. Pauline Jo and Dan have been acquainting themselves with one another. Activities have included: ice breakers, time management activities, and completing self-addressed letter that students will reflect on a year from now. Ms. Pauline Jo has high hopes for the freshman students. She has plans to bring in guest speakers into the after-school tutoring sessions and give the students a chance to discussion that week’s lesson. She also plans to schedule a field trip for her students.

This week was also the start of the after-school tutoring sessions that are scheduled for every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These sessions will give the students an opportunity to work one-on-one with teachers in math, English, history and science. An additional opportunity is for the students to meet other freshman taking similar classes.

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