Over the next ten years, Arlington Public Schools is anticipating to add 6,655 students across all schools, exceeding the current projected capacities in nearly every school. Rising enrollments bring obvious challenges (maintaining student:teacher ratios) and not so obvious challenges (how to fit 5 lunch periods into the school day!).

While school districts must focus on the logistical challenges that rising school enrollments will present, CIS of NOVA is working to ensure that each student not only receives The Five Basics, but has the opportunities to fully grow in the 40 Developmental Assets. In recent surveys conducted by the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, our students are reporting as having less of the 40 Developmental Assets between 8th and 10th grade. For example, at Wakefield High School, these lost assets are often linked to students not having a trusted adult figure, or not having a meaningful activity to participate in outside of the school day. As with any other challenge that rising enrollment will bring, we anticipate that developing students’ assets will only become more challenging in the next ten years,.

In order to meet these challenges on the “ground”, CIS of NOVA and the students of Northern Virginia need your support! Whether you are able to volunteer as a mentor or tutor, contribute your talents in the behind the scenes work, or donate towards our cause, it is up to our communities to help our schools in meeting the challenges that the next decade will present.