Roving Readers Comes to Barcroft

Have you ever heard your favorite children's story read in another language? Barcroft Elementary first graders got the opportunity to hear the story One by Kathryn Otoshi in English, Spanish, and Arabic during reading time recently. Communities in Schools strives to meet the needs and celebrate the unique characteristics of every student and their families, including those whose native language may not be English. Exposure to a variety of languages gives students a chance to experience what some of their classmates may hear when they are at home. What a fun way to learn about one another!

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Thank you to our volunteers!

Two of Barcroft's CIS of NOVA volunteers received much-deserved recognition and a raffled gift last week at Bacroft's annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea. Cristian and Sydney help out each week by distributing bags of food to students in conjunction with CIS's partnership with the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). Over 20% of Barcroft families participate in this program, which gives families supplemental groceries for the weekend for each child in the program. We couldn't do the work without the help of AFAC and our volunteers. Thank you!

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5th Grade Visits Howard University

Barcroft Elementary's 5th grade class visited Howard University on April 4th. The goal for the trip was to expose students to college and excite them for their future college and career options. Students spent a beautiful morning on campus completing a scavenger hunt, during which they learned about significant alumni for whom many of the buildings are named at this historically black university. In addition to this rich lesson in culture and history, students got a "taste" of college life in the dining hall at lunch, much to everyone's enjoyment.  We appreciate our great hosts at Howard University!

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“Starting at a new middle school I thought everyone would help me get through it, but that’s not what happened. My journey was like a roller coaster ride going up and down, with many unexpected challenges. I didn’t know much English and I struggled to speak well. Some days it crushed me, but I knew I couldn’t let it affect me - I was here for a reason. I eventually met Ms. Rula at CIS and she believed in me. With her help I kept studying, learning new things and doing things I never thought possible. And now, I’m the proud president [...]

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Family Engagement: Building Relationships and Partnerships, not Activities

Although the importance of Family Engagement is quickly gaining recognition across schools, it still means a lot of different things to different people- from principals, to teachers & staff, to parents and the community.  Everyone agrees that closer collaboration with families impacts student success and achievement, but a shared responsibility and common practice is yet to develop. Yes, traditional school-wide family engagement events are plentiful - from Parent Teacher Conferences, to Open houses, Back-to-school nights and other one-and-done activities. The challenge with most of these events, is they do little to foster meaningful relationships and real connections between parents and the school [...]

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A Volunteer Perspective:  A Vital Mission

  The economic benefits of ensuring access to high quality education are difficult to exaggerate. Many societal problems could be solved if people had access to the educational resources they need. My own educational opportunities have provided me with the freedom to pursue an exciting career, explore interesting hobbies, understand finances, and even cook delicious food. All aspects of my life have been deeply enriched by a passion for learning. This motivates me to give back in order to increase the educational opportunities available to as many people as possible. This is why I volunteer my time and money in support of [...]

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Holiday Pop-up Shop

Most people are familiar with the old adage “it is better to give than to receive.” And this past holiday season at CIS of NOVA truly captured the significance of that saying.  While the holiday season is oftentimes marked as a special time of the year with celebrations, family gatherings and the exchanging of gifts, we know that it can also be a difficult time of the year for those who experience significant financial constraints. The third annual Holiday Pop-Up Shop at the Arlington Career Center offers a special opportunity for school officials, community partners and the staff at Communities in Schools [...]

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We hear it often because the research is clear: parental involvement correlates to higher student achievement and school improvement. For the past six weeks, I had the honor to work alongside Career Center staff, as we actively engaged Latino parents in the education of their child through FACE’s program “Participa…en Mi Educación” or “Participate in My Education.” “Participa” equips parents with the tools necessary to not only navigate the U.S educational system, but to effectively participate in and navigate that system with more ease and confidence. While “Participa” has been utilized throughout Arlington Public Schools for many years, this year was different. [...]

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Communities, In Schools

As a proud member of Communities In Schools of NOVA for the past five years I’ve watched our researched backed model of Integrated Students Supports improve outcomes for schools, students, and families.  What does this mean, and why is Communities In Schools one of the leading educational nonprofits in the country? Well… CIS does not use a one-size fits all approach in our work.  We conduct annual needs assessments of our COMMUNITIES to identify resources and opportunities to support our schools and students CIS places full-time staff members (Site Coordinators) to work with students directly IN SCHOOLS!  We are a unique youth-serving [...]

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Stand Up

Which do you prefer? Summer or winter? It’s not a very difficult question, most people could easily think of the answer and a few reasons why without much effort. You’ve probably had this exact discussion with someone and know what points they’d bring up to defend their side. Now try to imagine making that same argument in a language you hardly speak. Try it with someone who has never experienced one of those seasons. When you don’t have the language skills and there is such a large cultural divide, even something as simple as picking your favorite season becomes difficult. STARS is [...]

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