Perrin Keeler, a CIS of NOVA tutor at Hammond Middle School, worked with English language learners in the International Academy since the past school year. Although not a requirement to becoming a tutor for CIS of NOVA, Perrin has been involved in education for many years, and upon completing her Master’s degree, she taught second grade in Washington, DC, as part of the DC Teaching Fellows program.

In a meeting with the CIS of NOVA Outreach Coordinator, Perrin talked about why she volunteered with CIS of NOVA. “I have always enjoyed working with kids. I like making connections, personally and academically, particularly in a setting that I love.” When asked if she liked tutoring, Perrin states, “I have really loved my experience. I feel like I’ve helped the teacher and made some good connections with the students. [The students are] all really quite amazing, and brave, and I see so much potential in them.”

CIS of NOVA welcomes volunteer tutors that enjoy helping kids achieve in school and in life. If interested in joining our team, please fill out OUR VOLUNTEER FORM.