It is hard to believe that APS students began the second semester two months ago! As we enter the second half of our year, several CIS partners are returning to Wakefield to continue their work enriching the lives of students, and building key assets in the areas of community service, civic engagement and learning marketable skills. Below are a few updates from our two of our partners:

Liberty’s Promise

After working with nearly 50 students in their civic engagement program during the fall semester, Liberty’s Promise will return to Wakefield to begin work with their spring cohort. Students in Liberty’s Promise Civics and Citizenship program participate in 30-hours of civic education. This spring will see the second round of students participate in Liberty’s Promise at Wakefield High School under the direction of Program Officer Isela Melendez-Carpio.

Phoenix Bikes

The spring semester will see Phoenix Bikes working with nearly 30 students in the Build a Bike program. To accommodate the two clubs (one sponsored by HILT teacher Debbie Polhemus, one sponsored by math teacher Nancy Mohler), the Wakefield PTSA awarded a $500 grant to purchase bike stands, tools and supplies to Wakefield club sponsors and CIS of NOVA. By the end of the year, students will have refurbished dozens of bicycles that are given to community members in need, and have the opportunity to earn their own bicycles through the program! The two bike clubs are sponsored by Wakefield teachers Ms. Polhemus and Ms. Mohler, and facilitated by Phoenix Bikes Education Program Manager Maddie Stein and volunteers Henry Dunbar and Dr. Gita Reddy